Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Second Timer

“I failed once, not until the second time.”

It was never in my mind the reasons behind the things that interest me. Would it be co-curricular or beyond, one thing I know and I blame it to ‘curiosity’.

It’s not something new to us. Right? Individuals, now a days, often experiment or just a mere try. Why is such? Probably because they know they are forbidden to expound the deed. And totally because they are curious about it.

Well, it might be out of our concern but it’s true. Now, let’s go back to the main point. Why enter a thing which at first you don’t have any idea on what to do? Some may reason that because they already know a little, while others would answer that they wanted to learn.

On any ways, they are correct. Now let me share with you my humble experiences. It might be little-as-no-importance but for me it taught me a lot. One of which is the ideology that molded my personality slowly by slowly.

But before anything else, I would like to disclose the things that I gone through before gaining the ideas. My first interest is on disk jockeying. What do you understand about this? As assumed, you would answer it’s a ‘DJ thing’ – playing songs, music of variety of genre from requests. But it is more on time management, prioritization, et cetera.

It was then in my secondary school days, when flatteringly my classmates found out that I have a distinct voice – deep, big. They were fond of pointing me in recitations just to hear the ‘big voice’, while some mistakenly knew me as part of a choir. Honestly, I didn’t notice this factor that they call ‘talent’.

Talent? I asked myself. Do I have talent? I was just a simple, timid high school student then who had dreams in life to fulfill. Oftentimes silent, not disclosing any matter to the people around, not at all. It’s like keeping it on my own. After sometime, I discovered my own abilities and capabilities. Queries once again snap – can this be helpful in my future career?

Yes! – That answered the query. After finishing high school blues, it happened that one of the radio stations in Dumaguete City conducted seminar-workshops on disk jockeying. I heard it over the station oftentimes, and it reminded me of the ‘talent’. Two years past before I boldly decided to pursue my intention. Why not try, when there’s no wrong in trying? – I asked.

I had accompanied myself with the requirements, then finally few weeks after, the ‘voice’ was cast on the air over the radio frequency and I became as one of the ‘summer jocks’, as dubbed. But the distance hindered me to continue.

Actually before I had that experience, I presented myself to the top rating radio station in the city, but I failed. Another two years past, on my second time, this was the time that I already gained ideas about the job. Just few days after my birthday, they called up and gave the good news – ‘you’re admitted as a new DJ’.

As part of my college life, I also explored the other field of interest – writing. My first attempt was a failure but I never quitted and on the second try, I’m accepted as a newbie writer. My university life was both on radio and newspaper works, though I was still new.

Requirements from school came and deadlines had to be met, but I had stood it long. When, more than two months of adjusting, on the later days was more on absences on my board work in the radio and focused closely to newspapering and in my course as a junior Mass Communication student.

I was stressed and got fatigue, and my body had to stop. Imagine, I go home late at night from school and then wake up three the next morning, and seldom eat lunch (up until now), everyday? What the? It’s like I’m so sleepy in the morning. Though it was fun but it’s really tiring, and I got to the point that I never concentrated with my studies; and all that.

Well, never did I regret those happenings of my existence. I’m still young; I’ll live my life worthwhile for the years to come.

All of the sudden I realized that all these struggle are just trials from Above. Whatever you do, wherever you go, and regardless of the number of attempts you make, there is one thing I know and that is ‘the second time around’.

I’m still going strong. How about the third time? Let’s see what we can do! “It’s now, or never.”

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  1. wow rem, nyc imu blog uhy.. 2dlo i pd q anh hah, hehe.. knah bang pa chada's blog ky wlang ka kulay2 at ka buhay2 yung sa'kin! thnx daan..