Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My World Tour: Justin Bieber Being Arrogant, Brat

Recently, Justin Bieber just had a concert in the Philippines with his "My World Tour" series of concerts. But one event caught the attention of many with his ill act with a Filipino.

Beliebers and Non-Beliebers let's weigh things on the issue about JB being arrogant. The pros and cons of the act of Mr. Bieber, but you may look at the said video first.

Maybe you have seen it already, it might not be clear enough or seen the full incident but it is claimed that JB did something wrong with the guy who only wanted to ask for an autograph for her daughter. JB just tapped the guy's hands and the CD fell on the ground which JB does not even bother to say sorry for. He just walked straight.

First impression, JB is arrogant! But let's see what we can say in a Belieber and a Non-Belieber points of view about this issue...

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